NCTE Disclosure


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NCTE Mandatory Disclosure


v Enclosure-I       

Name of practice teaching schools and their distance from the teaching training institution



Practice teaching at school


Total number of practicing teaching days:

40 days

Minimum number of practice teaching lesson given by each student        Total:40


Each Method


Pre-practice teaching at the institution


a) Number of pre-practice teaching days (simulated / micro-teaching / any other)




b) Minimum number of pre-practice teaching lessons given by each student



5 skills

c) Total number of demonstration lessons held




















vEnclosure-II  Weekly timetable followed by the Institution (Course-wise details). 


vEnclosure-III ( Details of teachers, in position, with qualification and experience).


vEnclosure-IV(Human Resource Development). 


a)       What are the steps taken by the institution for the professional development of teaching  

       and non-teaching staff?

       The Institution encourages its staff to attend the seminars/workshops being conducted in the university and Out side the university.


b)       Mention the seminars / conferences / workshops (with duration) which the teachers have  

       attended as participants / resource persons in the previous year.




1)    Work shop for Teacher Educators at St.Peter College of Education Hanamkonda on 28 &29th   of June 2003

2)    Orientation Program cum Work shop for teacher Education at IASE Kakatiya University Warangal on 9th & 10th October2003.

3)    Orientation Program cum work shop for teacher Educators at IASE Kakatiya University Warangal on 29th to 31st October 2003.

4)     CIPPTO-3 Course in Practical Psycholoy-Traning & Orientation conducted by Psychotronics at  Bangalore on 8th & 9th November 2003.


c)       Has any member of the faculty received professional recognition / awards?



vEnclosure-V(Information Technology). 



Indicate details of A.V equipment and IT equipment such as computers, printers, access to            internet etc. along with the extent of their utilization.

1)    List of Audio Visual aids is enclosed


2)  List of IT Equipment’s is enclosed

v Enclosure-VI    Sports and Physical (for physical education institutions)   

Please indicate details of equipment and facilities available for games, sports and physical education along with the extent of their utilization.


List of games and sports equipment’s is enclosed


 vEnclosure-VII(Brief Resume).


Brief appraisal of the overall performance of the institution during the revious academic session may be given. Also indicate any inspection of the institution was carried out is so details therefore may be given.   


v Abstract-Orders



v Registrar-Orders



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